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Consultório Odontológico
Dra . Tamy C G M Silva
Em breve seremos Bliss

Tudo que você precisa para sorrir
Tels: (19) 3289-0100 e (19) 98844-0100

speakenglishFor the convenience of English speaking customers, our staff is fluent and can help in your own language.

Dra. Tamy C. G. M. Silva
Dentist Surgeon - CRO 103361
Foto da Dra. Tamy
Dental treatments, focusing on increasing patient’s overall health.
Individualized treatment using the best techniques and materials on the market, from cavities fillings to continuous maintenance of patient’s oral and general health.

Team of experts in:
  • General practice, six-month reviews, cleaning and cavities restorations.
  • Endodontics (root canal treatment).
  • Implantology (dentals implants).
  • Orthodontics with conventional devices, "straight-wire" and self-ligating, use of mini screws, and facial orthopedics.
  • Application of botulinum toxin (Botox) for general mouth and face harmony, treating tension headache and fillings with hyaluronic acid.

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